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Access Lighting

Access Lighting
Affordable Contemporary Products /great for JOBS


Acclaim Lighting (North Texas Only)
Affordable Exterior Lanterns.

Alloy LED

Alloy LED
LED Tape lighting for commercial applications /accessories


Capital Lighting Fixture
Affordable Elegance- transitional flow of lighting for the home


Crystorama (North Texas Only)
Stylish Chandeliers, and Crystal for all Decors

Elk Group
Focus Industries

Focus Industries (North Texas Only)
landscape lighting, LED, Specialty Lighting products, USA made

Golden Lighting

Golden Lighting
Affordable Designs, Iberlamp - Contemporary European looks


Builder lighting

Juno Lighting

LBL Lighting
Designer Lighting Interior & Exterior Contemporary Ltg


Lithonia Lighting
LED products, fluorescent, acculamp, Recessed

Lumivert Lighting

Lumivert Lighting
Commodity Products

Matthews Fan Company

Matthews Fan Company (North Texas Only)
Contemporary Ceiling Fans, Wall Oscillating

Cational Specialty Lighting

National Specialty Lighting
LED and low voltage products - miniature applications

Primo Lighting

Primo Lighting

Kodak LED (spotlite-usa)

Kodak LED (spotlite-usa)
LED affordable lamps, LAMPS that Look Like Real A Lamps, etc

Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting
Modern fixtures and track lighting.

US Lanterns

US Lanterns

Custom fixtures, lanterns (GAS), sconces USA made

Varaluz Lighting

Varaluz Lighting
Environmentally Friendly & Creative Lighting, Contemporary


Wakanine (North Texas Only)
Natural materials combined with Artistry. David Trubridge designs.

WPT Designs

WPT Designs (North Texas Only)
fixtures with artisan blown glass USA made


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